Pictures from Tim Rued's
FolkSweden Tour
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We began our tour by going directly
from the airport to the city of Uppsala,
where we visited the old part of the
city, and spent some time at the great
Cathedral.  Continuing north, we
stopped at a Church whose
17th-century crypt was open for
viewing, so we were able to go under
the floor of the church to see coffins
hundreds of years old.  We continued
up the Baltic coast to stay in the town
of Hudiksvall.   Using that as a base,
we visited fiddlers in Bergsjö, as well
as a nyckelharpa builder.   We toured
an axe factory, and got a chance to
throw axes at targets.
Our group at the Näcken fountain at the train
station in Uppsala.
Our next weekend was taken up in
Northern Hälsingland, with fiddle
festivals on both at both Norrbo and
We stayed in Hälsingland a little
longer, too, to visit the zoo in Järvsö, a
few museums, and a nyckelharpa
Statue of hambo dancers in Järvsö.
We then went down into Dalarna, where
we stayed several days on a farm near
Leksand.   Our activities included touring
local sites, a boat tour of Lake Siljan,
attending the National Fiddlers' Festival in
Mora, and Sweden's largest festival in
Leaving Dalarna, we visited Sundborn,
the home of artist Carl Larsson.  We
also toured a re-created Viking village,
to learn more about the history of
them.   We stayed then a few more
days at an Uppland steel foundry
which is now a bed-and-breakfast.   
From there we toured Uppland, and
spent one day in Stockholm seeing the
sights there.
14th-century paintings on the walls and ceiling of a typical
Uppland church.   Most of the pictures are of Bible
stories, but other religious messages are illustrated, as
well.  Here at the top, angels are seen playing musical
All ages and types playing together on the stage at Bingsjö.