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With over 1000 years of recorded
history and two dozen geographical
provinces, one experiences in
Sweden a tremendous variety of
buildings.   Houses with tile,
thatched, or shingled roofing;  manor
houses, cottages, and castles;  little
country churches and great
The tour will take you through
approximately 1500 miles of Sweden.
Stops will be made often for all kinds
of buildings of cultural and historic
interest.   There will be a chance
occasionally to have a private tour of
old buildings to see their layout and
Sweden's neutrality in the World
Wars kept it from having its old
buildings destroyed, as happened in
France, Germany, and other
countries.   Many buildings hundreds
of  years old are still in daily use.
You will find a tourist office in a 12th
century castle, modern religious
services in ancient churches, and
stores and homes in 18th century
A visit may be made to the world's
acoustically best outdoor theater - in
an abandoned quarry miles from any
A typical half-timbered house with thatched roof in the
far south of Sweden.