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Folk Art!
The tour will give anyone interested in
art a broad picture of the folk art styles
in Sweden.
You can see traditional wall paintings,  
often of biblical motif, but done in a
special folk style.
Dalahästar are the little wooden horses
prized as souvenirs of Dalarna since the
mid-1800's.   The tour will see how they
are made in a cottage industry.
The paintings done on the walls and
ceilings of the hundreds of country
churches in Sweden reflect the variety of
styles of this art from the 11th through
20th centuries.
The homes and studios of  Sweden's
foremost artists are museums which can
be visited:  
Anders Zorn, the
impressionist and folk culture
aficionado; and
Carl Larsson, whose
paintings of his home and family have
become icons of Swedish art.
Handcrafts of all sorts, traditional and
new, can be viewed and purchased at
local "hemslöjd" shops.
Public sculptures will be sought out for
appreciation, also.