Flying dancers perform at a national folkdance gathering.
Traditional dancing in Sweden falls into three
categories: gammaldans, folkdans, and

Gammaldans is  what we might call "old-time
dancing", and consists of couple dances such as
the waltz, hambo, schottis, mazurka, polka,
and snoa.   This kind of dancing is done pretty
much the same way by Swedes all over.   
Participants in the tour will have a chance for
gammaldans while attending at least one of the

Folkdans is the choreographed performance
dancing based on old steps and music.   This is
the dancing that one most often sees in
costume.   The tour will include at least one
folkdans performance, and a possible
participation at a  folkdans practice session.

Bygdedans is the old type of regional dances
that go with the old music.   The tour will join
in with this kind of dancing, as well.
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