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A fable about a fox preaching to gullible geese is illustrated in this 14th-century painting in a
The land of trolls, elves, and witches!
Getting in touch with Swedish folk culture
means getting to know the old stories, as well.  
The culture that inspired the music and dance
was infused with a belief in the supernatural
and unexplainable.
On the tour you will hear the stories of Näcken,
the musician of the waterfalls, of trolls, of
giants, and of magic, curses, and monsters.
Tributes to these stories are still found in
artwork throughout the land, and traditions
connected with them are still observed in many
customs practiced today.
You may see a lake with a sea monster, or a
stone that is said to have once been a living
troll.    In certain museums you can see the
paraphernalia used by practicing witches.
On Midsummer Eve - the most magical of
nights - you can experience the mysterious
world of shadows.
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Folktales and
the Supernatural