Tim Rued's
Sweden Tour 202
June 24
- July 8
What you get with a
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You will have assistance in
making sure any foods you buy
don't have ingredients that will
disagree with you.
Like Garage Sales?
Your guide will be happy to stop and
let you shop for used treasures.
Want to buy Clothes?
Your guide will help you find the
right store for what you want,
and assist you in asking for the
right style and size.
Your guide may be able to get you
on-the-spot tours of workplaces similar to
yours at home:  power plant, newspaper,
post office, or the like.    You may also get to
find the local Swedish version of a favorite
activity:  windsurfing, golf, etc.
Unexpected Problems?
You have help at the bank, the
pharmacy, the doctor, the
police, customs, etc.  if
Many, many Swedes speak
English today, thanks to TV and
the internet.   But many of these
have a limited English
vocabulary, and to get the most
out of your trip, an  interpreter
can be invaluable.