The rearing Billygoat is the
symbol of Hälsingland.   
This is at the border of the
"The Devil playing the fiddle"
illustrates a local legend.
The mill at Vaxbo, where we
could see how linen was
produced from flax to cloth.
A fiddlers' gathering in
nearby Ore, with local
tunes highlighted, and
with mostly local players.
Casting double-bladed axes at
targets at the Granfors axe
factory and museum.
Rowing in traditional
churchboats to the Delsbo
fiddle festival.  Fiddlers in the
boats playing for the rowers.
A rainstorm sent the fiddlers
and dancers indoors at the
Delsbo festival.
Inside an old house, a
folk painting from
1848 depicts the three
wise men from the
East coming to visit
the newborn Jesus.