Björklunds Polketta

  Björklunds Polketta is the unusual title for this tune.   Everywhere else in Sweden this kind of tune is called  polkett, or “little polka”.

The dance is similar to a polka, but using very small steps, and not involving rushing around the dance floor.


The tune comes to us through a fiddler named Ingemar Björklund, from Alingsås in the province of Västergötland.   It is believed that he was a relation of the Björklund family of fiddlers prominent in Alingsås in the 19th century.

Here is a very nice video of a folkmusic group playing this tune.   There are several fiddles, nyckelharpor, accordions, a guitar and bass guitar, and even a flute.




To the left is a video of me playing Björklunds Polketta.