Boda Brudmarsch

  Boda Brudmarsch is the title often given to this bridal march from east of Lake Siljan in Dalarna.  Boda is a village that used to be part of Rättvik parish, but which a parish of its own now.

  As with many tunes, it is not known whom to attribute this tune, but in the 1926 collection called Svenska Låtar, it is said to be after Pekkos Per.

Regardless of its origins, it has been connected with Boda for generations, and will certainly keep its name.

The only version on YouTube I could find is here, being played on clarinet.   It is not in the fiddle key, but can be heard in an excellent example of how a brudmarsch is played.  (Clarinet is a traditional instrument for folk music in Sweden since the mid-1800’s.)






Here is a video of me playing the Boda Brudmarsch.