This is a waltz from Boda, a village in the province of Dalarna.  It has a rich history of wonderful traditional music.

  In the 1970’s a record album came out entitled “Boda tunes in Laggar Anders’ kitchen”.   It was basically 3 older musicians playing a lot of tunes together.  Two played fiddle, the third played  cittra, a chord-only zither-type instrument used for accompaniment.

  The record was a huge hit, coming right at the peak of the international folk music revival.

In particular, this waltz was picked up by many fiddlers, and spread around the world.   It is one of the few Swedish tunes that is played widely in Ireland, Scotland, and North America.

  Here is a YouTube link to the original recording of Bodavals.

  To the left is a photo showing the view of eastern Dalarna from the steps of Boda Church.