This Brännvinspolska is not a polska at all.   A polska is in 3/4 time, while this is in 2/4.

Brännvin (close translation brandy) was the common hard liquor consumed by the common people in the old days, and the name may imply a “drunken polska” in the wrong rhythm.

In the province of Skåne this was a relatively common kind of dance, akin to the Angläs, Engelska, or British Hornpipe.

  This tune comes to us from the repertoire of a Fiddler named dLorens Brolin, who lived from 1818 to 1890.  He came from a fiddling family.

  He was interviewed for the great collection of Swedish fiddle tunes “Svenska Låtar”, and this is in the Skåne edition, #1004.

Here is a YouTube video (apologies for the poor visual quality) of a group of Skåne musicians playing this Brännvinspolska.



To the left is a video of me playing it, too.