Brudmarsch från Västbo-Ås

The Brudmarsch från Västbo-Ås is a wedding march from the province of Småland.  It is known to have been played well back in the 19th century.

  There is documentation of a fiddler/clarinet player named Petter Lund.   When the church in Ås was being built in 1869, he was hired as the fiddler during construction, and played this march on the clarinet while the stones for the walls were being carried up a path.  He is described as walking backwards ahead of the workers so they could hear him better.   Of course, there were other tunes played, too, but it is something special that this tune is documented from that event.

To the left is a picture of Ås church, built in 1869  to replace the old medieval church that was too small for the parish.   

To the left is a video of me playing the Brudmarsch från Västbo-Ås.