Dal Jerks Brudmarsch

  Dal Jerk (Dal Erik Olsson) was a fiddler from Rättvik parish in Dalarna.   He was born in 1819, and was considered one of the greatest fiddlers of the area in the 19th century.

Many fiddlers from Rättvik credited Dal Jerk as the origin of lots of tunes.   This one was in the original Svenska Låtar collection in 1926, as part of the repertoire of Gudmund Tåberg.

It is a very dignified march, suitable for either an entry or recessional at a wedding.

I learned it in Sweden in 1974.   I later found that it is one of the tunes that Edwin Johnsson brought to America from Sweden in the 1920’s.  He was a Rättvik fiddler who emigrated to 
America and was celebrated both here and in Sweden for having preserved tunes and the style of playing from that time.




To the left is a video of me playing the tune.