Delsbo Brudmarsch

  The Delsbo Brudmarsch is one of the best-known wedding marches in Sweden.

Delsbo is a tiny town, but has a great history of wonderful music.  It also hosts the oldest annual fiddle festival in Sweden.

This tune is always one of the first that a beginning fiddler from Hälsingland learns.  It is also included in the playing set for the “allspel” at many festivals, where any musician present gets to join a huge crowd playing for the public.

This YouTube video shows a crowd of fiddlers marching with this tune to gather on stage at a festival.  At the end of the video is a clip of a “Delsbo Bride”, dressed in traditional bridal costume, with a bridal crown (borrowed from the church for the occasion) on her head.

To the left is a photo of two churchboats arriving at the Delsbo fiddle festival, with fiddlers in the bows.




And here is a video of me playing the Delsbo Brudmarsch.