Fjusnäsvalsen is a waltz composed by Jon Erik Hall, a masterful fiddler from Northern Hälsingland.   He named the tune for the little place where he lived most of his life.

  He was born in 1877, and died in 1948.  

  The version of the waltz I present here is not exactly the way Hall composed it.   I learned it from Eric Sahlström, who played it beautifully on the nyckelharpa.  His version is what I play, with just a few note differences here and there.

  The biggest difference is that I play the reprises in the order AABBCC, as Sahlström did.   Hälsingland fiddlers typically play it  AABBACCA or AABBACC.

Jon Erik Hall

Here is a link to a YouTube recording of Thore Härdelin playing the tune in harmony with his daughter, Thuva with some accompaniment.  They are playing the tune as Hall wrote it sometime around 1920.

  To the left is a photo of Jon Erik Hall.