Frisells Gånglåt

  Frisells Gånglåt is one of the best-known tunes in Sweden, also known as the Gånglåt från Mockfjärd.  This walking tune was composed by the fiddler Anders Frisell.

Frisell was born in the village of Mockfjärd, province of Dalarna, in 1870.   He was a prominent fiddler in the region until his death in 1944.

He was first prize winner at the second Swedish fiddle contest arranged by the artist Anders Zorn in 1907, and was active in the renaissance of traditional Swedish fiddle music in the early 20th century.

To the right is a photo of Anders Frisell.

By the 1950’s there was a network of fiddle groups throughout Sweden, known as “Sveriges Spelmansriksförbund”.   Every province had its own sub-organization, and many towns had their own fiddle clubs as members.

These clubs and organizations would print tune music and make recordings, which helped promote the traditional music, and paved the way for the huge folk music revival of the 1970’s.

This tune was published in one of the most popular collections, helping it become known in the whole country.

Here is a YouTube recording of a fiddlers’ team playing Frisells Gånglåt.