The tunes in this list are all Gammaldans tunes, or Old-Time Scandinavian Dance tunes, as danced in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Scandinavian communities in North America.

The types of dances include waltzpolkasnoahambomazurkaRøros PolsSønderhoning, and others.  Whereas a single instrument is sufficient for playing these tunes, the music is very often played by an ensemble or band.

The videos on thiswebpage will primarily be Tim Rued on fiddle, with Margie Rued on piano.   We hope to have other musicians joining on occasion.

Click on the NAME of the tune, and you will get the VIDEO, which is saved on YouTube.  Click on the NUMBER of the tune to get the TRANSCRIBED MUSIC in .pdf format.

This music is fun to play, fun to listen to, and fun to dance to.   Enjoy!

Scandinavian Old-Time Dance Tunes