Gånglåt från Norra Halland

This Gånglåt från Norra Halland no doubt has a local name, but I never learned it.  In 1977 I wrote to a fiddler’s group in the city of Göteborg, explaining that I would be traveling there with a small group of Americans, and if they could let me know about any festivals going on at that time.   To my surprise, the answer was that nothing was planned, but it was a great excuse to put together a festival!   

  The festival came about, in the northern part of the province of Halland in the southwest corner of Sweden.  This tune was used as the main walking tune for the fiddlers’ march at the event.

  I have identified the tune with this name ever since.

In the 1970’s I published a monthly collection of tunes arranged for two-part harmony, called “The Twin Fiddle Treasury”.   About half the approximately 200 tunes were Swedish, and this tune was among them.

  I was surprised and pleased to find a YouTube video of some (evidently) Finnish players playing this Gänglåt från Norra Halland, and crediting me with the arrangement!   Here is the link.

A video of me playing the gånglåt.