Guldsmedskadrilj is a type of tune not found in all of Sweden.   It comes from the province of Skåne, at the southern end of the country.   It shares many cultural aspects with Denmark, including musical.

This is a kadrilj, or in English, quadrille.   The dance that goes with it can be called a square dance, but differs from today’s American square dances in not requiring a caller.   Also, a kadrilj is a 4-sided dance, but might be 8 couples, rather than the standard American 2.

This tune is credited to Johan Christian Tydell, a fiddler who lived from 1718 to 1795.   He actually left a notebook of many of his tunes, which is now in the custody of a museum in the city of Lund.

Here is a video of me playing Guldsmedskadrilj once through.