Jässpôs-Polska is titled using a word and alphabet letter that are not in the standard Swedish language.  “Jässpôs” (also jäspôd, jässpôd, and other spellings) refers to a wedding feast.   It is tied to the word “gästabud”, or “inviting guests”.   It is a very old word in a dialect that is not spoken any longer in everyday life, but that is still understood by linguists and lovers of old Swedish customs.

There are many tunes that can use this title, and this one is a variant from the village of Boda, in Dalarna.

It is a dance tune that was traditionally played at weddings.

This particular version is from the repertoire of Röjås Erik Andersson, the source of some other tunes in this list.   Here is a YouTube video of a descendant of Röjås Erik playing this tune for dancing.