Lapp-Nils Polska efter Salomon Jönsson

  Lapp-Nils  (1804-1870) was without doubt one of the most influential fiddlers in Swedish history.  Calling a tune a Lapp-Nils polska can mean either that it was played by him, or is in his style.

  This tune fits both meanings, as it comes to us from the tradition of Salomon Jönsson (born 1820), who was a student of Lapp-Nils.

It is typical of the Jämtland style of playing, with the generous use of triplets.

Here is a YouTube video of two Jämtland fiddlers playing this Lapp-Nils Polska efter Salomon Jönsson.



To the left is a photo of a sculpture within sight of the church in Offerdal, where Lapp-Nils lived for many years.  It was carved into the stump of a tree, and dedicated to the local folkmusic represented by Lapp-Nils.