Leksands Brudmarsch

  Leksands Brudmarsch, or “The Bridal March from Leksand”  is certainly not the only wedding march played traditionally in that town.  However, it is the best-known wedding march there, and is identified with Leksand.

Leksand is at the southern end of Lake Siljan in Dalarna, and is noted for its rich cultural traditions, particularly in fiddle music.

To the left is a picture of Leksand church, where this tune has been played probably thousands of times!

Here is a YouTube video of a fiddlers’ team from Leksand playing Leksands Brudmarsch in the neighboring church of Siljansnäs.

To the left is a video of me playing Leksands Brudmarsch.


 Here is a copy of the music with suggested chords, for accompaniment by guitar or other insstrument, or for working out double-stops or harmonies.