Liten Karin

Liten Karin is a polska from Dalarna.   There are many variations of it, some including a third part.   It is one of the more popular Dala tunes that is used as a hambo (a generic polska dance enjoyed by Swedes and by afficianados of Swedish dancing).

 “Little Karin” is the translation of the title.  It may refer to an old Swedish folk song.   One reference I have seen refers to another song, saying “lyrics not appropriate for print”.

In my search for YouTube videos of Liten Karin, I came upon many recordings of the old folk song in a minor key.   I finally found a recording of Swedish fiddlers playing it here under the name Polska efter Röjås Erik Andersson, Boda, which you may notice is the same name as another tune on our list here, #104.

  To the left is a photo of a sculpture in the town of Järvsö representing a couple dancing the hambo.