Polkett från Hammerdal

This Polkett från Hammerdal is another tune that I never learned a more definite title for.  I learned it from a fiddler, Per Persson, who at the time was living in Värmland, though born in Hammerdal, in Jämtland.   He said this tune is one his father played.

  A polkett is just what the name implies, a “little polka”.  The dance is lighter than the fast polkas that we associate with the name, and the steps are smaller.   The walking/turning dance called snoa is often danced to a polkett. 

To the left is a photo of Per Persson, better known by the nickname “Pelle”.    Among my Swedish-speaking fiddle friends, we call the tune “Pelles Polkett”.   Among my English-speaking friends, it is “Pete’s Polka”.

A video of me playing the polkett.