Polska efter Jonas Mosell

  The Polska efter Jonas Mosell comes to us through the playing of fiddler Erik Ljung of Delsbo, Hälsingland.   He was born in 1851 into a family of fiddlers on both father’s and mother’s sides.  He died in 1928.

  He was an outstanding player.  He was only 11 years old when he played at his first wedding, and played for all kinds of events.   He recollected that one time he had played for weddings six weeks in a row, not having a chance to change clothes at all, other than shirts.

He got this tune from a man named Jonas Morsten, also known as Jonas Mosell, who sang it.

Here is a YouTube video of the Polska efter Jonas Mosell played by two fiddles and an accordion.

To the left is a picture from the first decade of the 1900’s.  It shows a wedding in Delsbo, with Eric Ljung on the right, holding his fiddle.   The picture was taken by a photographer named Carl Rudolphi.