Polska efter Wiger

  This Polska efter Wiger actually comes from the repertoire of a fiddler, Erik Skoglund Wiger, 1860 – 1940.   He lived in the area around the town of Järvsö, in central Hälsingland.

The tune is used most often as a hambo, and is widely played by Swedish fiddlers, and especially American fiddlers who play for Swedish dancing.

This is one of the dance tunes used for the annual dance contest called Hälsinge Hambo.   The contest was started in 1966, and by the mid 1970’s had as many as 1500 couples participating!

Here is a YouTube video of the Polska efter Wiger being played at a Swedish fiddle festival in 2021.

To the left you can see a statue of a hambo-dancing couple in the town of Järvsö.