Rullpolska efter Pekkos Per

  The Rullpolska efter Pekkos Per is a premium example of the style of playing polska in Bingsjö.   Bingsjö is a very small village in rural Dalarna, but has a very rich musical tradition.

  Pekkos Per, the fiddler this tune is credited to, was born in Bingsjö in 1808, and died in 1877.  He was one of the most influential fiddlers of his time in that region.   Hjort Anders Olsson, the great Bingsjö fiddler of a later generation, was said to have had fiddle instruction from Pekkos Per, though Per died when Hjort Anders was just 12 years old.

The word “rullpolska” refers to the rapid rolling notes in the tune.   The technique here is not the same as in the “Hälsinge rullstråk” in some Hälsingland Polskas.   (See “Pelles Rullpolska”, #51 in this list.)

The farmstead where Pekkos Per lived in Bingsjö, Pekkosgården, is the site of Sweden’s largest fiddle festival.   Held on the first Wednesday in July every year, it attracts thousands of attendees, for a while having as many as 30,000 each year.

Remarkable to me about the Bingsjö festival is that most people do not arrive until Wednesday, and the program, jamming, and dancing take place primarily Wednesday evening and night, but most people are gone by late morning on Thursday, without leaving tons of litter spread all over the grounds.

  To the left is a picture of Pekkosgården during the festival in 1974.

  Here is a YouTube recording of some prominent Dalarna fiddlers playing Pekkos Pers Rullpolska.