Schottis efter Timas Hans

  This Schottis efter Timas Hans has been a favorite tune of many Swedish players for many years.

It is not a tune that expresses a characteristic musical dialect of a region, but is a fun tune to play, especially with the left-hand pizzicato notes in the first two reprises.  (+ = l.h. pizzicato).

Timas Hans Hansson was one of the best Swedish fiddlers of his time.  He was born in Ore, in Dalarna, in 1846, and died in 1916.    He was the winner of the first Swedish fiddle contest, held in Gesunda, Dalarna, in 1906.

Timas Hans left a legacy of many tunes, mostly polskas.   He was a complete fiddler, though, and played many other tunes also.

  This schottis is included in the collection Svenska Låtar (Swedish Tunes), first published in 1922.   This was #37 in the Dalarna I volume.

  Here is a YouTube video of some top musicians playing this tune for dancing.

To the left is a photo of Timas Hans.