Schottis från Idre (1)

  This Schottis från Idre is actually a tune from the village of Idre, in western Dalarna.  There is a schottis dance variant from Idre, as well, and this is the tune that is most often used for that dance.  In fact, the tune is so connected to the dance that most people do not ever name it as Schottis efter Storbo Jöns.



You will find this tune in the repertoire of most Swedish fiddlers, and most non-Swedish fiddlers who play Swedish tunes.   It is played on fiddle, nyckelharpa, accordion, and by old-time dance bands.

Here is a YouTube video of a fiddler demonstrating the tune.   Note that the tune is in D major throughout, with the exception of just a few measures in the second part, though it gives the impression of  the second part being entirely in D minor!

Here is a video of me playing it, also.