Schottis från Lindome

  This Schottis från Lindome is a very popular tune in the province of Västergötland.  Lindome is a city south of Göteborg.

  The tune is #182 in the Västergötland volume of Svenska Låtar, attributed to a 19th century fiddler named Martin Andersson.

  Looking for the tune in YouTube, I came across a version played on what sounded like hammered dulcimer.   The version that tickled me, though was of two fiddlers and an accordion playing it for a special choreographed “Schottis från Lindome” that has the dancers pausing or dragging their feet for a few measures several times in the first reprise.   You can hear how the tune is supposed to go, but the musicians drag it out for the dancers in the first part.   You can see it here.