Sensommarvals is a waltz from the province of Östergötland.   It was composed by a fiddler named Ivar Hultqvist, and has become a well-known piece all over Sweden.

The title translates as “The Late Summer Waltz”.   The type of tune is know as a spelmansvals, or “fiddlers’ waltz” because of its fluid construction and wide musical range.

  A good recording example is here, played by a group of fiddlers from not anywhere near Östergötland.   Östergötland is in the southern 1/4 of Sweden, while Offerdal is in Jämtland, in the northern half.

The picture to the left is of Offerdal church.  In the foreground is a sculpture carved from the still-standing trunk of a tree, celebrating the musical heritage of the area.