Skänklåt från Dala-Järna

  This Skänklåt från Dala-Järna is one of the best-known “gift-giving tunes” in Sweden.   It is especially recognized for it being played my many of the outstanding fiddlers of Dalarna.

A printed version of it was published in a book about the local culture of various towns in Dalarna.   There was a series, called “Med Dalälven från Källorna till Havet” (With the Dal River from its sources to the ocean”),   The books contained photos, local histories, and music from the areas written about in each volume.


This was from Book Seven, Boda & Bingsjö, published in 1919.

One of the notable recordings of the tune was done by Björn Ståbi and Kalle Almlöf on an album in 1973.   The album, “Bergtagen”, was of music by pop musician Merit Hemmingson, who specialized in modernizing traditional music using electronic instruments and a synthesizer keyboard.

The YouTube recording here is from that album, and you can hear the modern additions after the traditional tune is underway.

This is a video of me playing the Skänklåt från Dala-Järna.