Skinnbräcka med Lucku

  Skinnbräcka med Lucku (Leather Breeches with a flap) is originally a polska from the province of Dalarna.   Somehow it became a super-popular hambo tune for old-time dances all over Sweden.

The yellow knee-breeches are the most ubiquitous part of a man’s traditional folkdress.   Some individual variations may be black or blue wool, but most versions are yellow.   Many men have them made out of cloth, but the yellow color is traditionally from the moose-hide they are made from.

The word “Lucku” refers to the flap in front.   Instead of a fly, the breeches have a button-up flap.   The American naval uniform for men used to have a similar construction.

To the left is a picture of a couple at a folk festival in Sweden, where the man’s leather breeches are very evident.

Here is a YouTube video of a Danish old-time dance band playing Skinnbräcka med Lucku for hambo dancing.

Here is a video in which I play Skinnbräcka med Lucku.