Stens Vals

  Stens Vals is another waltz from Dalarna that is widely known in Sweden.   Although recognized as a traditional fiddle tune, it has also been adopted by old-time Gammaldans bands and accordionists.

In 1939 several fiddlers from Dalarna but living in Stockholm formed a group called “Dalaföreningens Spelmanslag” (The Dalarna Association’s Fiddlers’ Team).   Many of the members were outstanding traditional players who had a love for the old fiddle music.

Among these was Hans Börtas from the town of Rättvik.   Börtas led the group for many years, and This is one of the tunes that he popularized.  He himself got the tune from Pers Hans Olsson of Rättvik.

By the way, “Sten” means “stone” or “rock” in Swedish, but it is also a fairly common man’s name.

Here is an interesting YouTube video from Japan of a Japanese woman playing Stens Vals very nicely on the nyckelharpa.   I don’t know if it is a left-handed harpa or if she just recorded it in mirror image.

 To the left is a popular tourist sight in Rättvik.  It is a full-sized wooden horse modeled after the small wooden carvings in the Rättvik style.