Swedish Tour #1

Tour #1 in 2022 will begin June 15 in Uppland, and finish back in Uppland June 29.

While subject to change, this is a projected day-to-day plan of the tour:

Wednesday, June 15

Leaving Uppland, we drive west to Västmanland, through the city of Eskilstuna, crossing Lake Mälaren  on a scenic drive into Södemanland.   There are possible stops to see, including Viking-era carvings and runestones.   

We will stop for lunch at Julita gård, a historical cultural museum set in an 18th-century manor house and its grounds.

Continuing west, we may pass through Örebro, a modern city with an 11th-century moated castle as its centerpiece.   We may stop at the home of Alfred Nobel in Karlskoga, or Sveafallen, a nature preserve in Degerfors.   If we have time, we can see the impressive Picasso sculpture in Kristinehamn, on our way to our first destination, Karlstad.

Thursday and Friday, , June 16 – 17

We will spend a few days in Värmland  doing excursions.   One day we will explore the city of Karlstad, along with smaller towns in the vicinity.   One day we will go north to see Klarälvsdalen, the beautiful valley, and go to Sunne, the home of the author Selma Lagerlöf.  Another day will be spent to the west, with perhaps a visit to the spectacular weaving factory in Klässbol, or the charming town of Årjang, with its tourist bureau in the shape of a giant troll.

Saturday, June 18

From Karlstad, at the northern edge of Lake Vänern, we will drive down the western edge through the beautiful province of Dalsland to the southern tip at Trollhättan, and get a look at the tremendous system of locks for the Göta Canal.  We will eventually arrive at Lidköping, on the south edge of Vänern.

Sunday, June 21

Today we will visit Läckö, a 13th-century castle that has been continuously occupied since it was built.   We will also go up on the mountain Kinnekulle, with great nature, scenic views, and historic places.   Among other things, we will visit several churches dating from the beginnings of Christianity in Sweden.   We will probably encounter some local musicians, as well.

Monday, June 20

The plan is to drive southeast through Jönköping to Vimmerby in Småland, seeing some museums along the way, as well as some extraordinarily interesting towns and churches.

Tuesday and Wednesday, June 21 – 22

During these two days we will explore the “Glass Kingdom”, seeing several Glassworks where some of the world’s finest crystal is made.  We will also visit some important sites in Småland and Östergötland.

Thursday, June 23

A long day of driving will take us back north to Uppland, where we will stay on the grounds of the great 17th-century iron foundry in Österbybruk.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 24 – 26

Midsommar!   The longest and brightest day of the year is celebrated this weekend.   We will take part in traditional local celebrations on both Friday and Saturday, and attend a music concert on Sunday.   We will also get to see museums, the Baltic coast, and important places in Sweden’s history.

Monday, June 27

Today we take the train into the city of Stockholm, where we will see the Nordic Museum, the Vasa Museum (considered one of the top historical museums in the world), the Old Town, including the Royal Castle.   We will be back to our bed and breakfast near the airport in time to pack for tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 28

Today we drive to the city of Uppsala, to see the cathedral, Sigtuna, the old capital of Sweden, a viking museum, and many other fascinating places.

Wednesday, June 29

After breakfast, the tour participants get taken to the airport for the trip home, or to someplace nearby if continuing to stay in Sweden a little longer.