Swedish Tour #2

  • Tour #2 in 2022 will begin June 29 in Uppland, and finish back in Uppland July 13.

Subject to change, here is the planned itinerary:

Wednesday, June 29

After getting everyone together, we leave the vicinity of Arlanda (Stockholm’s airport), and drive north through eastern Hälsingland.   Plans are to meet a prominent nyckelharpa builder, and see a little of the coastal city of Hudiksvall.   We will be staying in a 200 year old wooden manor house of the style found all over the province.

Thursday, June 30

A sightseeing drive through northern Hälsingland will feature at least one museum, a hike in a nature reserve by the Baltic Sea, and a climb up an 1100 year old stone church tower.   Perhaps a chance to throw axes!

Friday, July 1

Today we will go west to the town of Järvsö.  There we may visit a one-of-a-kind zoo, populated entirely by native Swedish animals, each in a natural environment.   Viewing is from a wooden walkway built through the forest on a hillside above the town.   After lunch, we will visit a fäbod – a pastoral site where cows and sheep were taken during the summer in the old days to graze.  It is a living museum in itself, and the women who tend the animals there make and sell traditional dairy products unavailable anywhere else.

Saturday, July 2

Today we travel farther south in central Hälsingland.   We can do some shopping, visit some extraordinary buildings, explore an old linen factory, and enjoy some music with local musicians.

Sunday, July 3

Today is the Delsbo fiddle festival (spelmansstämma).   We begin by rowing the traditional churchboats across Lake Dellen.  The three-hour trip includes a stop for breakfast, and ends at the town of Delsbo just before the festival starts.  There will be a church service filled with folk music, a musical march with all of the fiddlers from the church to the festival site, a jam on stage with 50-100 participants, and the rest of the day with music and dancing all over the grounds.   This is Sweden’s oldest fiddle festival, and one of the most delightful!

Monday, July 4

Leaving Hälsingland, we drive down to the Lake Siljan region of Dalarna.  We will be staying on a farm in Insjön, at the southern end of Siljan.

Tuesday, July 5

The traditions of Dalarna!   We will first go up to Mora, where we will visit the museum of Anders Zorn, the great impressionist painter who helped begin the movement to preserve the old musical traditions of Sweden.   Then to Nusnäs, the little village that produces the “Dala-Häst”, the little decorated wooden horses that are the official souvenir of Sweden.   Shopping in the old town of Rättvik, and possibly finishing the evening with a small fiddle festival!

Wednesday, July 6

Today we see something of Leksand, the town of wonderful folk culture at the south end of Lake Siljan.   Later we will see Dalhalla, the magnificent outdoor theater created in a quarry, and with almost miraculous accoustics.

The rest of the day is spent in the little village of Bingsjö, with the biggest and most famous fiddle festival in Sweden.    More than 10,000 attendees come to a single farm for a night of concerts, jamming, dancing, and color!

Thursday, July 7

Today we drive to the city of Falun, with its famous iron mine – a world heritage site, and the source of the red pigment used in the red houses all over Sweden.   We will then go to Sundborn, the home of Carl Larsson, Sweden’s most beloved painter.

Friday, July 8

We leave Dalarna and head for Uppland.   On the way we stop at a fascinating little museum of THINGS, and a recreated Viking village with costumed docents who teach about what Vikings were like.   Arriving in Uppland, we stay on the grounds of the iron foundry in Österbybruk.

Saturday, July 9

In the “Iron Kingdom” we will see some 17th-century foundries, 10th-century churches, the Dannemora iron mines that created the steel industry in Sweden.   In the evening we will be treated to a special concert with local musicians.

Sunday, July 10

An excursion to the Baltic coast of Uppland, known as “Roslagen”.   Fishing villages, one or two museums, a short nature walk, and a local gathering of musicians for a local festival.

Monday, July 11

We drive down to the University City of Uppsala.  The castle and cathedral are the major landmarks, but the home of sculptor Bror Hjort is worth seeing, as well as the gardens of the famous botanist, Linnaeus.

Tuesday, July 12

Today we take the train to Stockholm.   There we can see the famous Nordic Museum, the Vasa museum, and the Old Town, including the King’s palace.   The last chance to shop during the tour!

Wednesday, July 13

A final breakfast, then we head to the airport to say goodbye!