Vals efter Anders Jonsson

  This Vals efter Anders Jonsson is a standard repertoire piece in Jämtland.

I learned it in 1974 from Pelle Persson, a Jämtland fiddler living in Värmland at the time.   He played it in the key of F, as here, along with all the local Värmland fiddlers who learned it from him.


Years later, other fiddlers I met were playing it in C, using the same fingering, but playing one string over.   It turned out that a book of dance tunes had been published, and put this waltz in a different key.

The first known publication of it, though, was in 1926, in the key of F, in the collection Svenska Låtar- Jämtland.



To the left is a video of me playing it as I learned it.