Vals efter Jönsagubben

  This Vals efter Jönsagubben is not by far the only tune attributed to this outstanding Hälsingland fiddler.  He was born Olof Jonsson in the village of Undersvik in 1816, and died in 1899.   He was in his elder years when he got the nickname Jönsagubben.

  Among his fiddle teachers was the iconic From-Olle, who did much to influence central Hälsingland music.

The tune itself is a very danceable, flowing waltz.  As such, it has fallen into the repertoire of fiddlers even far away from Hälsingland.

  Here is a YouTube video of some fiddlers in Norway playing it for a dance.   It is interesting to see the various variations of the waltz that different couples are dancing.

To the left is a sign erected beside the road at the border with Hälsingland.   The “rampant” goat is a symbol of the province.