Vals efter Timas Hans

  This is a Vals efter Timas Hans, the great fiddler from the town of Ore, in Dalarna.

Timas Hans was born in 1846, and left a great legacy of fiddle music behind when he died in 1916,  He himself was a student of a fiddler named Dalfors, from whom he learned this tune.

Timas Hans played this in 1916 for inclusion in the collection Svenska Låtar, Dalarna, tune #79.

The melody is very old, and was probably either a polska or a långdans before it became a waltz in the 19th century.

Here is a video of a Swedish fiddler playing it and accompanying himself with 2 different harmonies.   Notice the third harmony is the same as the melody, but an octave lower.

It is often played this fast, but not always.