Vals från Norra Råda

  This Vals från Norra Råda is a favorite waltz of many players of Värmland music.  Råda is a small town on the river Klarälven near the town of Hagfors.  

Carl-Johan Björklund was born there in 1862.   Son of a fiddler, he was the only one of 14 siblings who learned to play.  A remarkable man, he learned most of his tunes by ear from his father and other fiddlers.   He taught himself to read music, and was able to leave a large inheritance of written fiddle music for posterity.

If you meet any fiddlers in Värmland, this is one tune they will be sure to know.   It is also played in other parts of Sweden because of its beauty.

Here is a YouTube video featuring the Vals från Norra Råda played on fiddle and accordion.