Vals från Ragunda

  This Vals från Ragunda comes to us from the repertoire of Arvid Brännlund.   He was a fiddler born in 1880, died in 1960.   He played most of his life, having been taught by his father before he was 6 years old.

  Much of Brännlund’s repertoire he got from his father, either directly or indirectly from other fiddlers.   He left a legacy in his son, too, who also became a fiddler.

I learned this tune from a Jämtland fiddler, Pelle Persson, when I was visiting Värmland in 1974.   I liked it so much, that when I returned to California and resumed playing with American fiddlers, I gave this the name “Tim’s Favorite”.    There are just too many great tunes I know now to have any single one called my favorite, though!

  To the left is a photo of the Ragunda area, which seemed to me to be one of the most beautiful places in Sweden when I first went through.

To the left, a video of me playing one of my favorite waltzes.