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After travelling to Stockholm on your own, your Guide picks you
up at your airport, hotel, or wherever, on Wednesday, as soon
as you are ready.

The first day will be spent traveling north, paralelling the Baltic
coast, arriving at last at the maritime city of Hudiksvall.   We will
stay in a 19th-century hotel with oldtime charm and modern
comfort.   Sights along the trip include 1000-year-old churches,
ancient grave sites, and old castles.

Activities on Thursday and Friday will include excursions
around the Hälsingland countryside,  meeting local musicians
and folkdancers, visiting museums,  and sampling local
traditional cuisine.

Saturday is the Norrbol Fiddle Festival.  It is a small local
festival,  with mostly local musicians participating.   There will be
concerts, jamming, and dancing.    Traditional folkcostume will
be worn by many participants.

Sunday is the Delsbo Fiddle Festival.   It is the longest-running
festival in Sweden.   Fiddlers from all over Sweden will be there,
and there will be a folk-accompanied church service before a
full day of music.  

Monday we will go southwest to Dalarna, where we will take up
residence for a few days on a farm near Leksand.   During our
stay there, we will travel to the most well-known places around
Lake Siljan.   We will visit the art museums at the homes of
painters Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson, unique churches with
spectacular artwork, the family factories for the famous Dala
Horses in Nusnäs, Europe's most acoustically perfect outside
theater, and much more.   Wednesday is the great fiddle
festival in Bingsjö, with thousands of participants enjoying
music and dancing all day and into the night.

Friday we go east to the province of Uppland.   Over the
weekend we will attend another fiddle festival, this one featuring
a large percentage of nyckelharpa players.   We will also have
a session with a local fiddlers' team, and sightsee around this
region rich in folk culture and history.  

Tuesday we will have an opportunity for sightseeing in
Stockholm to finish up the trip.   Then you will be dropped off at
your point of continuation, for travel further on your own, or for
the trip home.

Itinerary 2
Dalarna- Uppland-
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Exact itinerary will depend on the
interests of the participants, as
well as last-minute events of
Tim Rued's
Sweden Tour 2013
June 26 - July 9