After travelling to Stockholm on your own, your Guide picks you up
at your airport, hotel, or wherever, on Wednesday, as soon as you are

Wednesday, June 26
 You will be picked up in the Stockholm area.   We will drive west by
Lake Mälaren to Närke

Thursday, June 27
Sightseeing in Närke, driving to Värmland.         K
arin Larsson art
museum, Örebro castle, local churches, walk in ancient waterfall
nature preserve.

Friday, June 28
 Sightseeing in  central Värmland.  Maybe a traditional “fäbod”, or
summer pasture.   City of Karlstad, nature walk.

Saturday, June 29
 Shopping locally, then attending workshops or concert in music,
dance, singing, or crafts.

Sunday, June 30
Music in  Arvika!  A major folk festival with musicians from all over
Sweden.   Lots of music, dancing, and old traditions to be

Monday, July 1
Travel  to Dalarna.   Visit several special places along the way.   Get a
feel of what the region is really about.

Tuesday, July 2
Sightseeing in the Lake Siljan area.  
Handcrafts, nature, Anders
Zorn home and art museum,   local traditional foods.

Wednesday, July 3
Bingsjöstämman—Sweden’s largest fiddle festival.   Wonderful
program, dancing, concerts, and jamming all through the night.

Thursday, July 4.
Sightseeing in Dalarna, including the Falun copper mine and Carl
Larsson’s home.

Friday, July 5
 Travel to Uppland with stops on the way.  See a reconstructed
Viking village.

Saturday,July 6
Touring  northern Uppland.   Old churches, historic foundries.

Sunday, July 7
 Special activities especially for our group.  A small music festival by
the Baltic Sea.

Monday,  July 8
 Touring southern Uppland, including Uppsala.

Tuesday, July 9
Excursion to Stockholm, to see the sights there.
 Old town, Wasa
museum, Nordic museum, shopping.

Wednesday, July 10
 End of tour.   Return to dropoff point.

Possible activities
Tentative Itinerary
Stockholm - Värmland -
alarna - Uppland -
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Exact itinerary will depend on the
interests of the participants, as
well as last-minute events of
Tim Rued's
Sweden Tour 2019
June 26 - July 10
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