Here you can find connections
to websites I like to visit.
Fiddle Tune Sources:
  • Blue Rose -  large collection of mostly Scandinavian tunes
  • FolkWiki - Swedish site full of user-contributed tunes
  • Spillefolk - Danish site with many Scandinavian tunes
Folk Music Associations:
Fiddlers in America:
  • Janette Duncan - my most successful student and great friend, now a leading fiddler in Sonoma County
  • Tom Paley - now residing in the UK, one of America's better known traditionalists
  • Gus Garelick - an old friend of mine, host of a fiddle music radio program in Sonoma County
  • Alasdair Fraser - world-class Scottish fiddler
  • Daniel Slosberg - Los Angeles area fiddler specializing in the music of the early 1800's
Swedish Fiddlers:
Festivals in America and abroad:
  • Bingsjö - Sweden's largest fiddle festival (in Swedish)
Other Tours:
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