Blue flame -"Blå Eld" - a striking blue flower that blooms on Öland in June and July.
Light! The fabulous light!
The tour will take you through a large part
of Sweden during the most fantastic time
of year!   You will enjoy the sunshine late
into the evening; witness beautiful sunsets
after 10 p.m.;  wake up to beautiful bright
days at 5 a.m....   A period where the stars
are never seen, because it never gets
dark enough.

The Swedish summer invigorates and
cheers you and the world around you.    It
is truly a happy time in a happy place, to
be in Sweden in high summer.

On the tour you will experience the
wonderful variety of Swedish nature in
both remote and populous areas.   If
desired, visits to animal parks and nature
reserves can be included.
Tim Rued's
Sweden Tour 2016
June 29 - July 13
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