Performing in Sweden 2005
Performing in Sweden 1977
Performing with Swedish fiddlers 1989
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Tim Rued
About me and the tours:

My first trip to Sweden was in the
spring and summer of 1974, when I just
got an introduction to Swedish music
and the folk culture that surrounds it.  
In the following years I travelled much
more around Sweden, getting to know
the people, language, and traditions
very well...
In 1977 I conducted my first intimate
folk-tour for others.   I took 3 people
on a 6-week trip that included festivals,
private meetings with dancers and
musicians, and the experience of the
wonderful Swedish summer.    All three
of the travellers wound up moving to
Sweden!   I don't expect anyone on my
current tours to go to that extent, but I
certainly felt that I had shown a
favorable picture of the country!
While I have kept up my Swedish
music, language, and connections, I
had only travelled there sporadically
through the intervening years.
In the summer of 2004, I refreshed my
travel knowledge by taking a very small
group on a 4-week tour.   I scouted for
places to go and to stay, checked out
prices, took pictures, and started
planning for annual tours.   In 2005 I
launched, with  2 week
tours planned every summer.  The tours
thus far have been fabulously enjoyable!
I am fully fluent in Swedish, and am a
great afficianado of the Swedish
folk-culture, as you may see in the tour  
website.   I love sharing my enthusiasm
with others, and am looking forward to
an extraordinarily fun experience with
the travellers on the tour in 2017!
Tim Rued's
Sweden Tour 2017
June 28 - July 12
Tour Page
Marching with fiddlers in Sweden 2006.
(Photo thanks to Doug OInes)
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