Mountainous and forested Värmland
shares a border with Norway, and has
much in common with Norwegian
culture.     Here are "trollskogar", the
magic forests of fairytale and folklore.
The traditions of music, architecture,
food, and costume are distinctly
different from other provinces.
The picture to the left shows the
wrought-iron grave markers unique to
one area in Värmland.
In churches and museums you can see
relics of times gone by - the culture of
the province preserved.  This picture
shows embroidered fabrics and metal
bridal crowns dating back between 600
and 1000 years!
We will be meeting with many local
musicians in Värmland:  both younger
English-speaking fiddlers, and older
musical treasures who speak only
The places we stay in Värmland will
always be of cultural interest.    This
18th-century house may be one of our
temporary "homes".
Beautiful nature is to be appreciated everywhere in Värmland.    One place we will
probably visit is Sveafallen, believed to be the ancient site of one of the world's
largest waterfalls.  It is now a nature preserve, with sheer cliffs, water-eroded rocks,
forests, greenery, mushrooms, and flowers.  Lupins are among the most striking
wildflowers we will come across.