Pictures from Tim Rued's
FolkSweden Tour
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We began our tour with a drive north to
Segersta, in southern
Hälsingland.  The
whole way up was spent sightseeing, and we
arrived to stay at a wonderful Bed &
Breakfast in a spot central to the activities of
the coming week.
The village of Segersta.  This bridge was used as a
scene in the Swedish movie, "The Girl with the
Dragon Tattoo".
The sculpture in the main square of the town of Rättvik in Dalarna,
reflecting the traditions of folk music and dance so important to the
local culture.
The old bridge at Älvkarleby, just one of the stops
exploring Uppland.
Fiddlers jamming at the Delsbo
fiddle festival.
Our group sightseeing at an old house in
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pictures of Hälsingland
in 2012!
The old churches of Uppland, some over
1000 years old, are marvellous museums
in themselves!
From Hälsingland we went southwest to the
province of Dalarna, where we stayed in a
200-year-old cottage on a working farm.   
Our excursions took us to art museums,
organ concerts, and music sessions.  We
visited the workshop of a man who tailors
traditional costumes in Rättvik, made a
scenic drive around Lake Siljan, and
attended the huge Bingsjö fiddle festival.