Acoustic background music
for any occasion
Wedding reception or service
Garden Party
Business opening
Memorial service
Holiday party
Birthday or Anniversary
Tim Rued
plays music you will enjoy
I have been entertaining people with my music for more than 40 years.   I
play old-time music, and traditional folk music.  
On the fiddle I can play lively tunes to keep an upbeat, happy feeling, or
soft melodies to hold with a calm, meditative atmosphere.   My repertoire
ranges from old-time American breakdowns to Scottish airs to Swedish
The nyckelharpa is a wonderfully resonant string instrument that is used
for Swedish music.   The sound carries for long distances in the outdoors,
and fills a room without being overwhelming inside.   The music ranges
from exciting to reflective, depending on the situation.
The harp I play is an antique single-action pedal harp that gives the true
sound of bygone days.   The music I play on it is mostly American parlor
songs of the 19th century: romantic ballads, Stephen Foster, Civil War
home songs, and the like, as well as Irish airs.
I can also learn special tunes if they are requested enough in
advance.        I am very happy to participate in any event where I can
add to the enjoyment of the occasion..  I live in Northern California in
the Stockton area, but can travel to play for you.
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phone:  (209) 609-6183