Tim Rued
Dance Fiddler
(have fiddle, will travel)
Trained in fiddle music by fiddlers who
started playing in the 1920's and
1930's, Tim has always striven to keep
the dance rhythm in his music.
Tim's introduction to Scandinavian
dancing came from the legendary Gordon
Tracie in Seattle.   Tim learned to dance
from Gordon, and used to play for his
dances every week in the late 60's.   
Later, he played for Swedish dancing in
Los Angeles, and began his travels and
studies in Sweden and Norway in 1974.
He continues going to Sweden often,
even conducting
tours there in the
Set dances
Dances with flatfela (regular fiddle)
Dances with Hardingfele (Hardanger fiddle)
Danish, Finnish, etc.:
Set and couple dances
Tim began dancing old-time
dances at an  early age, and
started playing for dances
with a family band even
before he took up the fiddle.   
His understanding of the fun
of dancing helps him choose
great tunes and play with the
most danceable rhythms.
Contra Dances
Square Dances
Old-time Couple and Circle Dances
British Isles:
Studying the roots of American
fiddling took Tim to the styles
from these islands.
Tim is a native Californian, raised with music from
an early age.   In his early teens he became
acquainted with traditional fiddle music through
travelling with his grandfather, a member of a
fiddling family in Texas.  
Making connections with fiddlers of many traditions
all over the United States, Tim absorbed the dance
rhythms and developed a style unmatched in
vitality.  His 45 years of experience playing for
dancing has taught him how to observe dancers and
adjust his playing to make the dancing as easy and
enjoyable as possible.
Some of the dances Tim can
play for:
Besides being a master of the fiddle,
Tim is also expert on mandolin and
nyckelharpa (Swedish key-fiddle).
His other dance instruments include
Hardanger fiddle, wooden-shoe fiddle,
piano, and accordion.
Tim Rued

(209) 609-6183

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